Plant equipment for mining cryptocurrency

Plant equipment for mining cryptocurrency

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MINING EQUIPMENT | Looking for high quality DATA

for mining equipment - Farm cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency called the future of the world economy, but today virtual money created without the participation of countries and international financial institutions, the rapid pace gaining popularity, becoming an equivalent means of payment, along with the dollar and other paper currencies and even gold. Of course, parallel to the growing interest in the production (extraction) cryptocurrency, as a means of earning, giving rise to an entire industry that produces specialized equipment for mining cryptocurrency.

What is Mining cryptocurrency?

If paper money is printed the relevant agencies of different countries, cryptocurrency are virtually without a hard peg to a single center of issue of money. The manufacture or production of various cryptocurrency Mining called, and the process is built on the solution of complex mathematical problems by using special algorithms of conventional computers, special devices or computer systems, called farms.


The process of mining in theory can be compared with the distribution of files over the BitTorrent network. Each user is connected to cryptocurrency production system, is involved in the work on the issue of new coins and simultaneously supports performance across the network, passing on the chain information held kriptovalyutnyh transactions. As a result, the process of production of new coins, as well as their further use in the mutual have a high degree of protection at the expense of large-scale distributed computing processes between thousands of users.

It is a high safety factor did cryptocurrency popular means of payment in the Internet space, and attracted to the process of their production intuziasty first single, followed by large companies, specializing in the production of special equipment for mining.

for mining equipment cryptocurrency

for mining equipment cryptocurrency

The necessary equipment for mining cryptocurrency

Initially, equipment for mining cryptocurrency is an ordinary home PC on which to run a program that uses the processing power of the CPU or graphics card to calculate math problems, ensuring production cryptocurrency. In this way began to be produced the most popular currencies: Bitcoin and litkoiny. In the early days of their existence, power is usually a PC is quite enough to handle the required volume of data, but with an increase in the volume of currency issued by shortchanging new units began to demand a lot of effort that led to a significant inhibition of the rate of creation of new coins, even in the most high-performance computers. Simply put, the production costs of the same coin began to exceed its cost.

ASIC Miner

ASIC-system - ASIC Miner

To solve this problem have been developed ASIC-systems consisting of chips, adapted only to the calculations associated with the production cryptocurrency. The emergence of such equipment launched a new wave of popularity of mining Bitcoin litecoin and, at the same time unleashing competition among manufacturers of ASIC-systems, will reduce their costs to a reasonable level.

The best equipment for mining Bitcoins

The greatest demand among the "miners" cryptocurrency uses equipment for mining Bitcoins. On the market today there are hundreds of different technical solutions from dozens of companies, but the best proven ASIC-system from KnCMiner and CoinTerra.

Company CoinTerra one of the first to come to the market of equipment for mining, introduced a line TerraMiner devices having in the arsenal of its own liquid cooling system and a set of chips that provide impressive processing power. CoinTerra device of time-tested and proven to be effective not only in terms of power, but also in terms of lower energy costs.



KnCMiner company pioneered the use of self-developed chips, creating a very high-performance devices, which power enabled at the time of release of the first model to earn not less than 1.5 Bitcoins per day. Thus KnCMiner ASIC-system is approximately 2 times more expensive CoinTerra devices. However, despite the high price of devices, namely equipment from KnCMiner currently provides most of the issue of new coins Bitcoin. The open sale KnCMiner equipment is not available, you can buy it only for pre-order through the company's website.

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Among other manufacturers offering specialized equipment for mining, also pay attention to the production of Black Arrow and UFOMiners. The first company in the list is on the market a long time, and UFOMiners is rapidly gaining popularity, releasing devices are not just for Bitcoin mining, but also for other popular cryptocurrency including Litecoin.

for mining equipment in 2017

Despite the presence of a large number of mining devices with high performance, in 2017, the ultra-high income, they will not do because of the mass distribution. In fact, mining cryptocurrency currently close to a state similar to the situation when the sunset came the era of mining on conventional PCs. Earn a few hundred dollars a year is still possible, but in order to reap the benefits of profit, measured by thousands of dollars, it is necessary to use special farm cryptocurrency representing computing systems with a large number of ASIC-device, integrated into a single computer network.

Farm avalon6

Avalon-6 Farm

If we talk about the best equipment for mining in 2017 was calculated to produce the computing farms, then in terms of price / performance out of competition AntMiner S9 device and Avalon6, characterized by a good energy efficiency and reasonable price of up to $ 2,500 for AntMiner S9 and 600 $ for Avalon6. If the money for the purchase of ASIC-device is not, and do Meiningen want, then you should pay attention to cloud services, providing equipment for rent. The most successful and proven company in the field of mining cryptocurrency cloud is Genesis Mining.

EQUIPMENT FOR MINING AND cryptocurrency Bitcoins: WHAT ...


Program for mining cryptocurrency [full review]

Mining cryptocurrency seems newcomers complex process that requires in-depth technical knowledge. However, in practice it comes down to run properly configured and enabled by for mining. In this article we will discuss how to choose the necessary software, how it works and other software features cryptocurrency production.

program as a work for mining

The program for mayniga cryptocurrency - is a specialized software that is designed to cryptocurrency production. They are based on algorithms that use these currencies. Algorithms, there are many and they differ not only by the process of production, but also a variety of functional features that affect the use of most currencies.

As is known, the process of mining is to carry out mathematical operations, which are necessary to create a new network blocks. This is a classic approach, which is used by most cryptocurrency.

In simple words, you simply rent an their computing power and receives a reward in the form cryptocurrency. In this case, the calculation speed depends on the equipment you are using, its technical characteristics and performance.

Thus, the power provided by the central and graphics processor on a home computer, a specialized Asik (in the case of networks with high complexity, for example, or the Bitcoin Laytkoin) or other device. However, only one iron deficiency and the process cryptocurrency production requires special software, so-called miners. It is they who make the computing power to work on the algorithm of mining.

If a strong farm you have collected, or just want to try mining, then the next thing you need to do - is to make the download, installation and configuration of a program for cryptocurrency production. This process takes place like this:

  • Creating kriptovalyutnogo purse. Mined coins must come at the expense of which is indicated at the start of the program on the computer. This may be an online wallet full desktop solutions with loading all blokcheyna to your hard drive or simply on account of exchange. However, it should be noted that not all exchanges support the transfer of funds directly from the mining pools.
  • It is also necessary to register an account on the mining pool, or just select it, if the registration is not required. Should be chosen with an eye on the pool and reviews of the conditions of payment. If the farm output is low and the minimum payout is high, you get the first money you will soon. Individual advantage is the availability of a detailed list of all the action on your account, which will lead earnings statistics.
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  • The next step is to install the software for cryptocurrency production. Most modern products has its own theme and share BitcoinTalk githab section on where to download the program. Versions for Windows operating systems come in the form of executable files and not have to compile anything.
  • Next you need to configure the program by entering the required parameters. Among them may be the choice for the production of coins, if the program supports multiple algorithms, and data mining pool, the equipment used and the settings of the cooling system, and in some cases even the power expended.
  • The last thing you need to do - is to start the process. On the screen you will see the current production rate, which can be used as a Benchmark. From time to time I will also show the temperature and the speed of the cooling fans. Often possible to cause current data instantly via a hotkey.

As mentioned above, the basic function of software for mining - is the execution of mathematical operations. Over time, the complexity of the process increases, which leads to lower reward and increase hardware requirements.

That is why the creators of such software in the industry are trying to bring some new opportunities and deal with the creation of modern functionality to your programs. This may be a graphics card overclocking option, the ability to specify the power used, improved monitoring of the state of the graphics card, an indication of the maximum possible heating equipment and other useful benefits.

However, the most important programs for mining it is possible to use the equipment at full capacity. That is why the right choice of software will affect your potential income from the farm.

For example, you bought a powerful powerful the GPU, which in a certain algorithm can produce up to 100 megaheshey per second, but set up a simple program that is capable of this equipment to issue only about 60. Many novice miners do not attach much importance to such issues and to yield less money than they otherwise would. Such cases are quite realistic and almost half of all possible power will not be used. Thus, much depends on the correct choice of the program.

What programs are needed for mining

So, in addition to the program for mining, you will also need the presence of some other applications. Of course, modern miners support the display of temperature and fan speed, but for more detailed acquaintance with the given parameters to use a narrow soft. In addition, you may need a utility to overclock the video card and a benchmark to test overclocking stability. However, this should be done only after reading our detailed instructions.

How to choose a program for mining

The first thing you need to decide - this is what kind of currency you want to Main. As you know, different currencies using different algorithms of mining. Thus, for example, uses cryptocurrency ZCash Equihash algorithm, Ethereum uses Ethash, and Monero - Cryptonight. Under each of these projects require a specific program for the production of coins. It is worth noting that some programs support multiple algorithms at once, or even have the ability to connect additional modules.

It is also worthwhile to assess the available equipment and the entire enterprise to choose a more efficient software. For example, your device can deliver only 10 megaheshey per second. In this case, there is no point to put serious applications that are designed to work on large farms, and have many extra settings. Such a decision can not just reboot the computer, but also make the process more difficult for beginners. Nor should we take the simplest tools that will make the already not very profitable farm even less profitable.

In addition, you need to decide on the way in which it will be mining equipment. You can use this video card, CPU, Asik or even a hard drive. For each of these devices you will need a separate program. There is a universal software that can support multiple components of the PC simultaneously. Moreover, there are solutions that allow for the simultaneous production of two coins, but with some restrictions.

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In addition to all of the above you should pay more attention to and some of the features of the program. This may be the versatility of the program, the possibility of production of different cryptocurrency or even support for multiple algorithms. A good set of options is also useful for fine-tuning the miners. In this case, the program user-friendly interface is also important, especially if you manage the process will be a beginner.

Interface should be given special attention. For beginners, it is desirable to use the graphical interface and Russian to information is displayed in a familiar user form, and the control takes place by means of standard elements of the operating system interface.

Of course, more money for the fine-tuning often give it cantilever miners, but in this case everything should be spelled out using the commands at startup. However, the team is usually intuitive, and the app comes with a short text file that contains a description and an example of use, and mining pools offer standard configuration line for all of the most popular products.

Program for mining on the graphics card

As for the applications that are designed specifically for carrying out calculations using video card, there is the most important is the presence of a large number of temperature settings. Always indicate the maximum allowable temperature of mining, after reaching which the process is interrupted. This would allow for the automatic of mining that will not require constant supervision. If you have several cards to a PC, the program must support simultaneous work with them. Also, if you have a graphics card and AMD, and Nvidia's, you will need a program of mining equipment for both manufacturers.

Program for mining on the processor

If the card is only used the system for a number of tasks, the CPU is always active. This means that when processor mining house on the main computer, the user needs to ensure that a portion of the computing power has not been used and maintained for comfortable work. To do this, you need to find software that provides control of the processor used in mining output. Some developers added can select the number of nuclei used, or even the presence of different modes at different intensities. Similar solutions are used by the intruder in order to conceal a high load on the processor from the owner of the infected device.

Setting up the program for mining

Each program is customizable for mining in different ways. Usually it comes down to the direction of the pool address and a user name (often simply a purse address). More detailed settings should be described on the site of the pool. There's also the best, according to a pool of administration may be indicated, a program to work with him. You can also search for a string in the configuration documentation for the software or in the official forum thread. Teams are usually almost the same, and after a one-time self-tuning you should not have any difficulties in the future.

The best programs for mining cryptocurrency

Below is a table with the most popular programs for mining of various cryptocurrency. The list is far from complete, and the like miners there are many more.

Program for mining Bitcoins Nice Hash Miner (Maini allows various algorithms and be rewarded in the Bitcoin)
Program for mining ether cgminer
Claymore-Ethereum's Dual AMD's + the NVIDIA the GPU Miner
Program for mining ZCash ZCash's Claymore-/ BTG AMD's the GPU Miner
EWBF's the CUDA Zcash miner
Program for mining Dogecoin CUDAminer
pooler's cpuminer
Program for mining Litecoin CUDAminer
Program for mining Monera XMRig
Claymore-cryptonote's the GPU AMD's Miner
Claymore's CryptoNote Windows CPU Miner


So, in this article we will deal with the fact how important it is to choose the right software for mining, what his goals and led the table with the most well-known applications. We hope that this material has answered all your questions, help you understand the topic and find the necessary software, regardless of the fact whether you need a program for mining Bitcoins, Ethereum or other cryptocurrency.

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