Top 10 World News cryptocurrency and blokcheyna week from 14 to 20 May

Top 10 World News cryptocurrency and blokcheyna week from 14 to 20 May

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Breaking News kriptovalyutnogo market over the past week - disappointed forecast Rally Bitcoins during a conference Consensus 2018, Gemini has added support Zcash, the price index for Ethereum from CME Group, the official release blokcheyn-engine Catapult, feykovye ICO American regulator and other key events of the week with 14 20 May.

Consensus Conference in 2018 did not cause the growth of Bitcoin course

From 14 to 16 May in New York hosted blokcheyn Consensus Conference 2018 - the leading event dedicated to Bitcoin, cryptocurrency blokcheyn and technology. This is the fourth such conference, and this time it has become the largest scale - around 9,000 visitors and 250 speakers and experts.

Earlier analyst Fundstrat Global Advisors Thomas Lee said that the Consensus 2018 are likely to have a positive impact on market dynamics cryptocurrency. Recalling that in previous years cryptocurrency showed growth in the range of between 10 {ff15cf196e161823c31b4ed383aad964faee91b62c9df21497c1efba65557b7f} and 70 {ff15cf196e161823c31b4ed383aad964faee91b62c9df21497c1efba65557b7f} after the Consensus, he suggested that the scale of the event this year may cause a rapid rally Bitcoins to a mark of $ 15,000.

Consensus 2018

As you know, in spite of the growth rate of the first cryptocurrency up to $ 8900 on the first day of the conference in the future Bitcoin again rolled back without giving the forecast by Thomas Lee no chance to come true.

Analyst himself later stated that "disappointed" by this development, and named the reasons for which this happened. In particular, according to Lee, despite the fact that the conference really heard a number of important applications, the continued lack of regulatory clarity creates obstacles for entry into the market of large money on the part of institutional investors.

Kriptobirzha Gemini added cryptocurrency Zcash

Bitcoin market Winklevoss Twins brothers announced on Monday, May 14, the beginning of the support cryptocurrency Zcash. Thus, Gemini in was "the world's first licensed Exchange" which will trade this coin-oriented privacy of users.


Zcash support can be considered a notable event, taking into account the fact that Gemini is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of New York (NYDFS), responsible for issuing BitLicense.

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However, as said in a statement Gemini in, Exchange has gone through a long process of negotiation capability of adding Zcash, actively cooperating with NYDFS. It notes that users will be able to make deposits with both protected and unprotected with addresses, but a withdrawal will be possible only on the unprotected address.

The news is also positive impact on the market value of Zcash - bargain before it in the neighborhood of $ 250, after cryptocurrency posts by Gemini in a short period of time increased the price to $ 350. ZEC week's growth was more than 40 {ff15cf196e161823c31b4ed383aad964faee91b62c9df21497c1efba65557b7f}.

China has made its "official" rating cryptocurrency

Researchers at the Center for the development of China's information technology industry in his first ranking cryptocurrency named leader of the second-coin capitalization Ethereum. Bitcoin with only 13th place was reserved.

Cryptocurrency regulation in China

In total, the researchers examined 28 cryptocurrency which were evaluated on criteria such as "technology", "application" and "innovation". Ethereum Thus, despite the high ratings on three points, did not become the absolute leader in any field.

In second place, ahead of ETH in the field of "technology" was cryptocurrency Steem - Chinese authorities have estimated the number of transactions processed on the corresponding platform. The third and fourth places were taken by Lisk and NEO respectively, closed the top five Komodo.

Investments in start-Circle $ 110 million

Kriptovalyutny startup Circle has closed another round of Series E funding by $ 110 million, which was headed by the largest manufacturer of equipment for mining Bitmain. Thanks to the means of capitalization of the company from Boston came close to around $ 3 billion.

At the same time he announced the release of its own Circle "token dollar» (USD-C), which complies with all regulatory requirements and will be supported by the US dollar.

Also published White Paper of the project and a list of frequently asked questions, which aims to shed light on many aspects of the USD-C. Thus, the document states that the tokens will be issued on the basis of blokcheyna Ethereum.

US exchange CME Group launched price index Ethereum

A leading North American exchange derivatives CME Group, in partnership with the British Crypto Facilities announced the launch of two new instruments - backsight course Ethereum and ETH / USD index.

CME Group will provide a daily reference price (Ether Reference Rate), expressed in US dollars every 24 hours, as well as real-time price (Ether Real Time Index). As the basis for their calculation will be taken and transaction activity in the orderbukah Kraken and Bitstamp exchanges.

The launch of new instruments as opening the way for the CME Group futures Ethereum, who may become an attractive option for institutional investors, as well as give an opportunity to more effectively hedge miners arrived.

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Later, representatives of CME Group confirmed that the market is actually considering such a possibility, although the firm plans at this point in this respect, it does not.

Financial Services Authority of New York (NYDFS) issued the fifth License BitLicense

Genesis Global Trading, OTC-platform for trading digital currencies, has announced that the Financial Services Authority of New York (NYDFS) granted her application for BitLicense - a special license to operate in the state of New York.

Are guided by institutional investors Genesis Global Trading is owned by Digital Currency Group (DCG) Barry Silbert and became the first trading company in New York, which was BitLicense and is now able to offer services in officially trading Bitcoins and a number of other cryptocurrency.

In addition to Bitcoin, the company also received approval for the provision of services related to:

  • Ethereum (ETH),
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC),
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH),
  • Ripple (XRP),
  • Litecoin (LTC),
  • Zcash (ZEC).

Blokcheyn NEM officially launched update Catapult

Cryptocurrency NEM (XEM)On Monday, the company Tech Bureau announced the release of Catapult (mijin v.2), a full-featured blokcheyn-engine, the output of which a new version of the NEM protocol is now available for public and for private commercial organizations networks.

At the same time, the company launched a self-service lab for developers, which will give companies and individuals the opportunity to carry out rapid deployment Catapult without having to manage their own infrastructure.

Catapult is designed to not only greatly enhance the ability blokcheyna NEM, but also give it greater speed and scalability, and are convinced the developers implemented their functionality was previously not represented in any of the existing blokcheynov.

Coinbase new solutions for institutional investors

The largest US kriptovalyutnaya Coinbase company introduced a number of new products developed exclusively for institutional investors seeking to enter the market of digital currency. These included separate a trading platform Coinbase Prime institutional and exclusive customer service Coinbase Institutional Coverage Group, which aims to help them to carry out market-oriented operation.

Additionally announced a partnership between the already-running service and Coinbase Custody and registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a broker-dealer, who will conduct an independent audit of financial statements. The company will also open an office in Chicago for developers to maintain a proper level of security and performance trade Coinbase Markets platform.

Meanwhile, the Japanese financial holding Nomura, the investment firm Global Advisor Holdings and manufacturer of hardware purses Ledger founded oriented institutional investors company Komainu, which will specialize in the safe storage of digital assets.

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According to representatives at Nomura, the new company will be involved advanced solutions used in cryptocurrency. Participants in the new project will be highly qualified fund managers, as well as experts in the field of banking and security of digital assets.

SEC Commission launched feykovye ICO for educational purposes

Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for educational purposes has launched a website to promote the non-existent primary supply of coins (ICO) HoweyCoin. Thus the regulator hopes to demonstrate the potential kriptoinvestoram looks like clearly unfair campaign fundraising.

Prospective investors are promised a profit of 1-2 {ff15cf196e161823c31b4ed383aad964faee91b62c9df21497c1efba65557b7f} a day. In addition, they strongly urged "Hodl" their tokens, as it is a truly fraudulent websites.

Fraudulent scheme Bitcoins

Similarly on the page presented an imaginary team members, however, check whether there is at least one of them in reality, it is not possible - the names are not attached links to pages on social networks, or resume, as is common in the world of scum-ICO.

In the face of the controller shows HoweyCoin "campaign, which is too good to be a real prospect for investment." The project does not really exist - users who are trying to really put money into it via the website are redirected to the page with the SEC guidance, designed to warn against fraudulent tokenseylov.

Expert Opinions: Steve Wozniak and Jack Dorsey about Bitcoin and Ethereum

This week is also remembered for a number of statements about the potential of well-known entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency blokcheyn technology.

Thus, according to co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak, a distributed registry technology it is a "great idea" because it can be used in completely different industries. According to him, "blokcheyn - is the next major revolution in the field of IT, which is about to happen."

Steve Wozniak

He also agreed with the CEO of Twitter and Square Jack Dorsey on which Bitcoin opinion could become "the native currency of the Internet." According to Steve Wozniak, to achieve the full potential blokcheynu and cryptocurrency take a decade

In addition, co-founder of Apple praised the prospects Ethereum, drawing parallels between this platform and the company, the creation of which he once made an effort.

Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey noted that the idea that one Bitcoin will be the basis for all payments in the network, it remains the subject of heated debate within the payment startup Square headed by him. According to him, the Internet deserves native cryptocurrency and such currency may well be Bitcoin.

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