PRINCIPLE OF FARM for mining Bitcoins

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PRINCIPLE OF FARM for mining Bitcoins

MINING FARM THAT is just a word

What is Mining simple words for Dummies

It is natural that interest in cryptocurrency by network users is very high, and many, users are looking for ways how to get a Bitcoin, Ethereum or other highly coin and make money.

And since the main difference between digital money from the state currency is a fact that can create financial unit of any user of the Internet, the most profitable method for their preparation is mining. This word is of English origin people involved in the issue cryptocurrency, is the process of creating new electronic money.

Consider the greatest detail, mining - it's simple words, what is its essence from a technical point of view and what is the difference of mining various cryptocurrency. Also look at how to organize the mining of electronic money in the home, and what kind of virtual money can successfully produce without significant initial investment.


2. Types of mining: a single production and pools
3. Mining farm - it's simple words
3.1. How to assemble the mining farm at home?
3.2. How am Main Bitcoin at home? Already does, but there is an alternative
3.3. Prospects of mining cryptocurrency - it's too late!
3.4. Mining bitkoionov what it is in simple words and what his prospects

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Mining - it's simple words, and what is its essence: the words available for Dummies

The algorithm for creating new financial units and in Bitcoin system, and newer systems kriptovalyutnyh the same, except for some minor differences. And the issue of new money in the decentralized electronic currency was called the English word Mining, translated meaningful mining, with an ulterior motive. After all, if we consider the question of mining - it's simple words, it will be the most accurate answer is: the process of creating new blocks in the base kriptovalyutnoy system data is done by selecting the appropriate characters.

At its core, in simple words, mining has more in common with the production of precious stones and metals, than emissions of traditional currencies. And most weighty characteristics that unite to create new virtual coins and extraction of minerals, can be called the following:

  1. Engage and production of gold / silver / precious stones, mining and theoretically can be anyone, not just by the state organization
  2. To create a new digital coin program-miner as engaged in laundering of golden sand miner, enumerates a great number of characters and eliminates "slag", selecting appropriate for a given system, the task of signs and figures
  3. And the amount of deposits of precious metals, and the number of coins that can be created in most kriptovalyutnyh systems of all time, is limited
  4. And for the extraction of valuable minerals, and to create new electronic coins requires significant energy costs.

Based on the similarity of mining and mining, it is not surprising that some programmers almost seriously answer the question of mining - it's simple words assertion that this production of virtual gold.

By the way, the very first cryptocurrency Bitcoin many financial experts call electronic gold and believe that in the future, this digital currency, as well as a number of other highly altkoinov will play on the foreign exchange market as a "safe haven", which is now assigned to this gold and precious stones.

What is Mining simple words for Dummies

What is mining on the technical side? of mining algorithm for deeper understanding

Contrary to popular belief, the software for mining does not generate unique codes of the new digital coins, but only solves the problem posed kriptovalyutnoy system. The essence of the problem lies in unraveling the hash. In simple words, in the selection of the dataset from which can be obtained by hashing a predetermined hash function. And when the miner solves the riddle of the system and creates a new, suitable for all conditions of the block, it will automatically receive as remuneration a fixed number of coins. These virtual coins are unique digital codes are generated by the system itself.

If we consider the process of mining in detail, but in simple terms, from a technical point of view, the path from the beginning to the receipt of remuneration for the solution of system tasks will be as follows:

  1. Program-miner systems receives a hash function - the short sequence numbers and characters generated by the system part on the basis of the previous block and partly created - by selecting random numbers
  2. Software analyzes the task and begins its solution, consisting in selecting such a data array, from which the method of hashing can obtain predetermined system hash function / All the complexity of the problem is that the hash function is composed of several dozen characters, and its solution may contain a currently hundreds of millions of characters, each of which should pick up /
  3. When the unit which solves a predetermined hash function created software transmits it to kriptovalyutnuyu system, and it is immediately written into blokcheyn and Miner charged a fee - electronic coins that come either directly on the wallet (for solo Mining) or account on a portal of the pool (in the case of mining in the pool)
  4. On the basis of the newly established unit, the system generates a new hash function and sends it to all miners, so they decided a new challenge.

The process described above shows how the successful mining. However, it should be understood that the production of all popular digital cash has been a huge amount of people, so the more computing power equipment from miners, the more likely that he was the first time to solve the new block. In simple words, if the miners outperform the more fortunate "diggers" virtual gold, any compensation it receives.

Mining cryptocurrency, in simple words, is both simple and complicated process.

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Simply for the reason that the creation of a new unit program needs to perform simple actions, which consist in the selection of appropriate signs brute force.

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And the complexity of this process is that for the successful clues units need very large computing power equipment. In the video below in great detail and is available narrated mining - it's simple words and what are the nuances of e-money production.

Encryption algorithms used in popular kriptovalyutnyh systems

The main difference between different kriptovalyutnymi systems is used in their encryption algorithms. Each decentralized system of electronic money, the definition of a cryptographic algorithm for hashing data sets produced. It is this algorithm deciphered-miners, thus ensuring the functioning of the entire database blokcheyn and transaction processing. And bear interest in the first place not for the fact of solving the problem, but for nested in the decoding equipment manufacturing capacity.

Mining Bitcoins what it is in simple words? The key is to decipher the hash function used in the algorithm of the system, and it's not just Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrency. This is the reason for the production of different cryptocurrency designed and specialized software, and even the highly specialized equipment. In simple words ASIC-miners started to work exclusively with a specific encryption algorithm.

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Encryption algorithms that can be used in kriptovalyutnyh systems, there are more than a hundred today. However, the most popular of them are the following:

  • SHA-256 - one of the first algorithms, which is considered almost a classic method of data hashing. It is used for the oldest and most expensive kriptomonety Bitcoin, as well as decentralized electronic currencies, which were created on the basis of BTC (BitcoinCash, DigiByte, Namecoin, etc.). Simply put, today decrypt the hash functions SHA-256 algorithm requires huge capacity, so for mining Bitcoin fit only the most powerful specialized ASIC.
  • Scrypt - an algorithm that was created as an alternative to SHA-256 in the decentralized financial systems. It is used in such cryptocurrency as Litecoin, Dogecoin, BelaCoin, Potcoin, DNotes and others. Before the advent of ASIC-miners working with Scrypt algorithm, by using this encryption method quite successfully cryptocurrency am Main on the cards. However, in 2016, when sales were specialized Asik, mining Litecoin (the most popular and expensive currency in the Scrypt) much more complicated.
  • Dagger-Hashimoto - algorithm, which is used in one of the most highly-cryptocurrency altkoinov Ethereum, as well as in EthereumClassic and Expanse. To decrypt the hash functions of this algorithm is successfully used a powerful graphics card.
  • CryptoNight - algorithm, the main feature of which is the fact that, for clues on the encrypted hash functions it is sufficient CPU capacity. This algorithm is used in Monero, ByteCoin, Dashcoin et al.
  • X11 - another relatively simple algorithm, decryption is enough capacity of modern gaming graphics cards. It is used in cryptocurrency Dash and PinkCoin. Given the fact that ASIC manufacturers are planning to release the highly specialized equipment for mining on the X11, we must assume that soon production complexity is rapidly gaining popularity Dash coins will increase significantly.
  • Equihash - the algorithm used in cryptocurrency Zcash. In simple words, Zcash successfully Mein on the cards. The popularity of these digital money rose sharply after the increased complexity of the Ethereum production, and part of the users, before "digging" Ether, switched to Mining Zash.

Modern programs for mining are designed to work with several popular cryptographic algorithms. In simple words, the miner, who decided to take the production of other e-currency, often do not even need to reinstall the software.

But the equipment for mining is more difficult. In simple words, if on the cards is theoretically possible to obtain any electronic money, Asik sharpened only on one algorithm. This means that an ASIC for Bitcoin can be quite successful Mein less popular cryptocurrency that use SHA-256, but for the production of esters or Laytkoina, this equipment is suitable.

What happens Mining cryptocurrency?

Types of mining: a single production and pools. How am Main yourself at home?

To sum up, mining - it is such a simple word, it will turn out that this process of decoding blocks kriptovalyutnyh systems. And in fact, the process of mining of any electronic money is only one, and it is to use special software that will use "iron" the power to guess the new units, the new challenges for WHO kriptovalyutnyh successful transaction.

In 2011-2013, when the Mining cryptocurrency engaged in only a limited number of enthusiasts, and the cost of electronic coins is approximately equal to the price of electricity consumed in their production, there was only one method of mining - mining solo, or in simple terms, the individual production. The essence of this method was to create kriptovalyutnogo purse and install on your home PC program-miners, which quite successfully extracted electronic money on CPUs or graphics cards.

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However, with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency and complexity of production process of new virtual coins solo mining became unprofitable. Capacity of home computers is no longer enough for a quick solution of hash functions, and miners had to choose: go to the production of little-known or illiquid cryptocurrency unite their power to solve the problem of popular decentralized financial systems. It is for this reason that there were pools - union miners engaged in mining a cryptocurrency.

Classic mining in the pool, not much different from a solo mayniga "digger" virtual money also collects mining-farm, it in simple terms, means ustanavlivku on the PC corresponding program. Further runs it, and then monitors the continuous and uninterrupted energy supply PC to access the Internet. In simple terms, the main feature in the pool of production is the fact that each of the specified hash function is solved by all participants together, so individual Miner need not solve all the difficult task, and only a small part of it. Thanks to this solution is much faster, and the more and more powerful than the pool, the greater the chances that it will solve the first new unit and will receive a reward.

Today solo Mining virtually disappeared as a phenomenon, and production of all known cryptocurrency carried pools. Moreover, in the network there as the pools, are engaged exclusively Bitcoin Mining / Laytkoin / ether, etc., and multipuly -. Portals, on which registered miners, mining various currencies.

Award for unravel in the pool units is automatically divided between all participants in direct proportion to their capacities attached. Therefore, to obtain good earnings in mining cryptocurrency in a pool, you need to have powerful equipment and make sure that it worked smoothly.

What is Bitcoin Mining
Mining farm - it is in simple words?

Computers, which are mined cryptocurrency called Mining-farms. Moreover, this term may be hiding as a normal home PC equipped with one or two gaming video cards and computer are connected with powerful ASIC.

Therefore, the question of mining farm it in simple terms, can be answered in the following way: it is any PC with an additional "iron" or without it, which are mined cryptocurrency.

Houses, for mining cryptocurrency most users use a dedicated gamer video card. In simple words, the difference between these cards is that the gamer is initially configured to perform a wide range of applications, and specialized manufacturer for mining has "flashed" in such a way that all the computing power were aimed exclusively at solving hash functions. However, experienced miners say that with the help of software for mining any powerful graphics card, you can "drive" in order to obtain the best possible hash Rate (number of hashes that the program will solve for the second, using the card capacity).

As a rule, miners seeking to make mining cryptocurrency main way to earn money, do not stop at buying a powerful graphics card, and equip his farm 3-12 pieces of equipment and more. In simple words, the graphics are a major "iron" Mining for farm, and that their capacity will depend on the efficiency of extraction of virtual coins.

How to assemble the mining farm at home?

But apart from them, to build the farm also need the following equipment and accessories:

  1. Powerful and reliable power supply
  2. Pin-6 cables and adapters, through which will be done summing the additional power to the graphics cards (usually with new modern graphics cards cables are included, but when purchasing a used / the "iron" pin-6 cables have to be purchased separately)
  3. The motherboard on which there is as much as connectors for PCI can (terminal to connect the video card)
  4. PC with uninterrupted and high-speed internet access
  5. Processor - characteristics are unimportant, fit and the old 1-core
  6. Hard drive - characteristics are unimportant
  7. Memory (RAM) - is selected based on the number and performance of graphics cards, but according to the experienced miners, for the home farm 4GB "RAM" is enough
  8. Risers for graphics cards - special accessories designed for connecting video card to the motherboard so that it can be put to the rack
  9. Rack (usually going to stand on their own from scrap materials)
  10. Fans or water cooling system to prevent overheating of cards.

Build Mining farm on the cards will not be any difficulty for a person who, in simple words - can be connected to a computer the individual components. The video below illustrates how quickly gather Mining farm newcomer to mining cryptocurrency at home.

Very intelligible explanation in simple terms of budget options.

How am Main Bitcoin at home? Already does, but there is an alternative

Another embodiment of mining equipment is the purchase-farm ASIC-miner to mine preselected cryptocurrency. The newest and most powerful Asik models have very high heshreyt and power comparable to 10 or more video cards NVIDIA GeForce 10 series. That they actually successfully get the most expensive cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

However, many of the "diggers" virtual money still prefer to equip domestic farm graphics. The reason, in simple terms is that the graphics processing, unlike Asik are not highly specialized "iron", in simple terms, can be used for other purposes than clue hash functions. Therefore, if the liquidity cryptocurrency which produces domestic mining-farm, it's simple words and how to collect, explained above, decreases and its exchange rate collapses on the cards, you can start Mein other digital money or simply to sell them, but the ground under a certain algorithm ASIC-miner will become useless iron.

Prospects of mining cryptocurrency - it's too late!

If you examine the expert opinions on the issue, a way to earn money as mining - what it is in simple words, it can be concluded that production cryptocurrency today is one of the most promising methods for the production of passive income online. Successful miners, producing highly electronic currency on powerful hardware, get hundreds and even thousands of dollars of net income per month, and the owners of large bitkoin-, laytkoin- and Ethereum pools have long become millionaires.

According to analysts, in simple words, the next few years all popular course now cryptocurrency will grow steadily. Probably Mining cryptocurrency one may not always be beneficial. For example, mining Bitcoins what it is in simple words can be defined as production of specific cryptocurrency will not always remain promising. With high probability Ether course, sooner or later catch up and overtake the price of the oldest cryptocurrency on the stock exchange. In simple words - Main coins of decentralized electronic systems profitable - most importantly, choose a liquid currency that is possible to produce at the disposal of "iron".

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What am Main cryptocurrency profitable now and in 2018, see the article "What cryptocurrency Main: TOP - 10 profitable options for a beginner"

Mining bitkoionov what it is in simple words and what his prospects

Popular search engines daily fix thousands of queries like "mining Bitcoins what it is in simple terms," ​​because most newcomers cryptocurrency production spheres seek to make these digital money. Of course, mein coins worth more than $ 5000 seems like a very tempting prospect, but we should say at once - Today the mine Bitcoins on the cards profitable.

Bitcoin mining has long been carried out exclusively by large pools, which have thousands of continuously operating Asik latest models. In simple terms, those who want to produce this particular cryptocurrency, it is better to invest in a pool of credible and rent his power of one or more ASIC-miners.

So if you still want to make a Bitcoin, it is better not to choose mining, and another method. How to make money on Bitcoin, read here.

The future of mining highly altkoinov

Those network users who do not consider the option of investing money in companies that own pools, and want to own Mayne, you should pay attention to the increasing popularity altkoiny. And choosing cryptocurrency for mining, power necessary to realistically assess their equipment, because even today mining laytkoina, ether is quite complex. These cryptocurrency profitable to produce only mining-farm equipped with a minimum of 6 gaming graphics card the latest models. In simple words, if you start Mein most popular altkoiny on weak "iron", the received profit barely pay for energy costs.

But mining BitcoinCash, Namecoin, Monero, ByteCoin, Dogecoin, DNotes, Dash, PinkCoin, Zcash, EthereumClassic and other increasingly popular in cryptocurrency network will be profitable even at home budget Mining farm. And the course of the digital currency is slowly but surely increased, so production of altkoinov be called profitable way to invest.

To summarize

Cryptocurrency the World Wide Web every day strengthens the positions and today competes with electronic payment systems for calculating fiatnymi money. The number of regular users who use digital money for making payments on the Internet, and the number of large investors who invest their money in cryptocurrency, is growing rapidly. And many experts even argue that the decentralized financial systems by using cryptographic techniques - it's money the future. Now with the concept about mining that is in simple terms, and that is necessary for production cryptocurrency can seriously think about investing in this direction and get the first kriptomonety.


Recently, I wrote a little guide about mining that interested people to understand how farm work cryptocurrency for production. In this article, I will touch on such topics as:

  • The operating principle of the farm cryptocurrency in blokcheyn network.
  • Mining equipment.
  • Farms for mining cryptocurrency 2018 profitability (return on investment).


A detailed guide how Mein Ether here, as well as an alternative method of production here cryptocurrency and profitability here.

Read more about the principle of mining Bitcoins, the risks and how you can read in this article.

Bitcoin has leveled its course and will grow to $ 7000, read this article about the profitability, return on investment and benefits of mining.

Updated the article , look at the bottom .

Mining for cryptocurrency farm production. Blokcheyn. Heshreyt. Pula.

Farm is the set of devices that are connected to any network blokcheyn to process information in order to obtain digital coins - income. Blokcheyn Network - is a chain of transactions units, built according to certain rules, of the generated blocks. Roughly speaking, this is a distributed database. The very first such network is used cryptocurrency "Bitcoin".

Block transactions - transactions grouped in a network system. Such blocks and try to find a (process) miners. unit extraction of a kind of roulette, in his search may take a few minutes or a few days.

For Point blocks, miners are rewarded cryptocurrency. Why such a spread? - you ask. Because there are several factors that affect the speed of the block location:

  • Power your equipment - what it is, the chances of finding the block in a short time.
  • The complexity of the network - how old any blokcheyn network, its complexity (the number of miners and their capacity) grows from this reward for the found block is reduced or will find it harder and harder.

Produce cryptocurrency possible as one - SOLO, or together with someone on pools for mining. Pool - a network to which individual miners connect their farm to a total capacity to produce unit blokcheyn network and share award at all, certainly not equal - as a function of the fraction of power in the pool. So get cryptocurrency easier when you are a beginner in this business people, and have not yet accumulated enough equipment to improve heshreyta. Heshreyt - speed of mining. Solo-mining for those who have enough power to produce blocks, relying only on themselves. Benefit can be checked as follows: one week at Mayne pool, another week - solo. Once again, that the SOLO-mining is similar to roulette, but even with small capacities, many manage to overtake people on benefits who am Main on pools with more power. It already belongs to the luck - a happy coincidence. The more successful you are in Meiningen, the higher the margins.

Mining equipment. Bitcoin and altkoiny.

Today there are so many different cryptocurrency, each running on its particular blokcheyn network that uses a specific algorithm for data processing. Some of the complexity of the network is still very small, while others, like Bitcoin, or litecoin Ethereum large. Although the latter is not so high. Due to certain mining algorithm varying cryptocurrency occurs in different ways.

Bitcoin at the present time is extracted using Asik, previously mined and processors and graphics cards. With the increasing complexity blokcheyn network Bitcoin mining on processors and graphics cards it became simply unprofitable. Energy consumption grew, and the blocks of information almost are, because of the low standards of the heshreyta. It is now several generations of Asik, to distinguish between the power and the price respectively. Now you can invest in mining Bitcoins clean, if there is a large initial capital, for Asik expensive, payback period of about a year, if Asik-to-date and powerful. But what to do if there is a new, which will be more powerful and less energy-intensive, with respect to its rate of production? Sell? Unless there exists a fool. The Chinese have succeeded in maynige Bitcoins, constantly update their equipment on farms and the farm they are huge ventilated sheds, with enormous energy, heshreytom and thus revenue.

So if you can not afford to immediately start mining Bitcoin on such a scale, one way out, and the most common among all miners beginners and even seasoned in the "digging" cryptocurrency - produce Altkoiny.

Altkoiny - is a relatively young cryptocurrency working in their blokchaynah, which are: to develop new information technologies (like the Ether - smart contracts) and naturally less expensive to get Bitcoin, by sharing with ease namaynennoy alternative cryptocurrency.

On this principle, built a modern mining. It is easier to buy multiple cards, collect them from the farm and produce young cryptocurrency that favorable than spend money on a powerful Asik. After all, if one of the cards will break, it can be taken on a guarantee to the store or be replaced by a new one. And the price tag is very nice. Especially if some cryptocurrency fall in the price of network complexity or her jump, and its production will be unprofitable, in exchange for Bitcoin, you can always switch to another cryptocurrency Mining, which has become profitable.

Exmo - Russian-language easy exchange with integrated rapid exchanger. I read the news there to chat and keep most of their assets in different cryptocurrency, more.

Cryptopia largest market with many supported cryptocurrency advantageous to exchange coins or add credit, you can through this service.

How to increase the income of mining and distribute reinvestment read this article properly.

Is it profitable to Mein in 2018.


Mein always beneficial. Cryptocurrency comes to the masses. The Skolkovo near Moscow built the Research Center and launched a national blokcheyn network. Many blocks Chain technology to interested world's largest corporations. In the mining do not need to rack their brains in business - there is no such thing as the supply and demand, but the benefits and estimated payback period. And Bitcoin exchange rate now approaching $ 3,000. In the summer of 2016 the cost of a Bitcoin is equal to 450 dollars.

So it's safe to buy the equipment, change the wiring and start to produce cryptocurrency. How to assemble the farm for mining in 2017 read here.

If you can not keep the farm for mining, then read this article.

In connection with the disappearance from the market of graphics cards, is now gaining popularity of cloud services of mining. The most reliable of these is HashFlare and Hashing24. They do not burst as a high-yield investment program bubbles that work for several months, gaining the right amount of money, and are turned off, and we're losing money. During the year I invested about 10 000 in the two services of the cloud of mining, which I mentioned above, that and the other and sechas out of 18,000 in the year to the calculator. It turns out that the services do not cheat on the bill of 180% per annum, and a good bonus from referral system too pleased.

If you decide to engage in mining investment now that the video card hell get one, and if they get one, then hells prices, the easiest way and more efficiently to benefit from investing in production cryptocurrency it is cloudy Mining. Agree to buy a video card vtridorogo is stupid. Of course, if there is extra money, and you can afford to stock rx570 or rx580 of 20 pieces to 30 000 rubles, it is very good, but do not forget that the payback period of this equipment will be more nitolko because of the price, but also due to the complexity of production and ETH Zcash.

Those people who started Mein even half a year ago, while prices for tasty vidyahi, at a relatively low complexity Ether network without draining cryptocurrency, had won. Now the air is worth several times more than half a year ago (December 2016 - July 2017), the network complexity has risen very strongly, that is, the yield has fallen sharply, making the entrance to the mining on the cards is very difficult. In May 2017 my personal profitability index was equal to 2.6. If you count the profitability nynishnim prices for graphics card, it will be less pokazytel 3 times.

So, I advise beginners to start your journey is a proven cloud services of mining, and then wait for the good times, when there will be a video card at adequate prices.

Bitcoin course and jumped Ether, read a few articles: Business Plan for mining as running cryptocurrency (as Mein better to Asik or graphics card).

About Mining nvidia graphics cards to read here and there about Bitcoin mining.


MINING FARM RETURN - profitable exchanger cryptocurrency - a group for beginners miners - individual counseling, assistance in setting up farms (of mining)


In Kazakhstan, began to sell the farm for mining cryptocurrency
In Kazakhstan, we began to sell the farm for mining cryptocurrency - Business portal

Kriptomaniya not spared and the Kazakh market. We took advantage of technicians who began to be built from cards special farm for mining (extraction) cryptocurrency. On the Kazakh sites advertisements began to appear an offer to sell farms for mining cryptocurrency. Prices for farm located in the corridor between 400 thousand. Tenge to 2.5 m. This variation in the value of farms is related to power graphics cards, the correspondent business information center

For example, on the mining site farm on seven video cards XFX Radion Rx570 worth more than 2.2 million tenge. Advertisement author points out that with the help of his farm can Mein Ethereum (esters) and other cryptocurrency. "Outstanding 180 megaheshey month. Year warranty and service! "- writes the author of the announcement.

"Payback is a farm about half a year", - he told advertisement author.

Another advertisement author asks for his farm 1.5 million tenge. The farm includes a complete vedeokarty GTX 1060, on a farm six cards.

For sale Mining farms particularly enterprising entrepreneurs have even developed a special website. Interestingly, the resource developers offer to pay for their mining farms not only in tenge or in US dollars, and even in Bitcoins.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan will develop legislation cryptocurrency

The average cost of a single farm on six RX 570-580 graphics cards through a special website is more than 1.3 million tenge, the price of 70 farms - 1.2 million tenge. "The average return on one farm - from 4 to 6 months. This is due to the fact that the course cryptocurrency then falls, then rises. For example, Bitcoin exchange rate was recently at $ 2 750, it is now more than $ 2 400. We expect that by the end of year exchange rate will be Bitcoin in the region of 3.5-4 thousand dollars ", -. correspondent reported on the service, which sells the farm for mining, consisting of six cards.

Based on the information that is placed in the ads, almost none of the farms sellers do not give any guarantee on the farm. And so there is still a risk that in a month, maybe in a week farm can get.

Russia has also sold the farm for mining cryptocurrency. Sometimes the value of a farm in the Russian market comes to 1.4 million rubles (about $ 7.7 million tenge). "Against the background of interest in mining increases the number of ads ready to farm. If the end of May, the number of actual proposals is 114, then the end of June - 780. At the beginning of July, this figure rose to 1417, and just a week - up to 2 022. The serial supply volume growth has provoked decrease in the cost of miners. So, in late May to buy the farm can be an average of 529.3 thousand rubles, and in June -. For 291.4 thousand rubles.. In the first half of July, the average price reached 231.7 thousand rubles per week demonstrating negative dynamics at the level of 8.3% ", -. correspondent reported in the press service of the site ads.

Bakhyt Sultanov called the vulnerability of the world cryptocurrency

On stressed that the number of search "Mining" requests continues to grow. "In June been a significant increase in the number of search queries related to equipment for mining. So, the key is "mining" was entered in the search box six times more likely, and the "miner" - three times more than in May. "Farms for Mining" in June, users searched for almost 14 times more likely. In addition, Nvidia's GTX graphics card GTX 1060 and 1070 included in the top 20 search terms, "- noted in the company.

Recall to Mein Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency require strong computing power. An ordinary computer for mayniga not work. For release cryptocurrency require special software, it is possible to download the official websites cryptocurrency.

By the way, the history of its existence, the course's most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin was unpredictable. It goes down the news of the impending collapse of Bitcoin, critical comments of central bankers and members of the "surrogate" cryptocurrency. Raised - a hopeful view of analysts, who gave over optimistic forecasts of the rate of Bitcoin.

On Friday, July 28 at 13.57 Astana time on the stock exchange GDAX Bitcoin sold for 2692 dollars. Over the year (365 days), the rate of the currency increased by 4 times, for 5 years - 263.9 times. Again, there were ups and downs of the course Bitcoins, but agree that the impressive growth.

According to Bloomberg, referring to the words of the CEO of hedge fund kriptovalyutnogo Polychain Capital Olaf Carlson Vie ether (Ethereum) by the end of 2018 could surpass the Bitcoin market capitalization. Now the rate of Bitcoin is almost 14 times higher than the rate of ether. On Friday, July 28 at 17.00 Astana time course broadcast on different exchanges are in the corridor from 195.9 to 197.19 dollars.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to bear in mind that the de facto authorities in Kazakhstan are not prohibited, but not legalized cryptocurrency. Thus, the National Bank has repeatedly warned that investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency risky, and operations with the currency - not adjustable.

National Bank has warned of the dangers of investment in cryptocurrency

However it is likely that will be developed in Kazakhstan market legislation cryptocurrency. In mid-July it was announced that International Financial Center "Astana" has created a working group with CIS companies "Deloitte», Waves, Juscutum and "Kesarev Consulting." One of the questions which will raise the working group - to develop legislation governing kriptovalyutnye transaction, creating a platform for blokcheyn technologies, cryptocurrency and blokcheyne projects.

If you rely on the statements of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Duma is preparing a bill to legalize electronic cash. We also discuss the establishment of a legal framework to open in Russia regulated exchanges for trading cryptocurrency "like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Monero».