Which program is best for Mining AIR

Which program is best for Mining AIR

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Number of programs for mining cryptocurrency is growing every day. For production Ethereum, Bitcoin and Zcash using special software. Developers often advertise cryptocurrency, talking only about the possibility of mining, algorithms and themselves remain a mystery to users. Below, we provide a list of major cryptocurrency and mining algorithms in order of profitability decline.

Bitcoin program greatly simplify production process and are functional tools. In the market many new algorithms with different characteristics. After viewing the programs, and the most profitable types cryptocurrency suggest you explore the best software for mining and other tokens Bitcoin virtual coins.


  1. Software for mining cryptocurrency on OS Windows
  2. for mining on iOS Software
  3. Software for mining on Android
  4. Programs for cryptocurrency production
    1. CGMiner
    2. Ufasoft Miner
    3. 50 Miner
    4. BFGMiner
    5. DiabloMiner
    6. GUIMiner
    7. Bitcoin Core
    8. Nheqminer
    9. awesome Miner
    10. Miner Gate
    11. EasyMiners
    12. Claimors
    13. BitMiner
    14. Mobileminer
    15. Multiminer
  5. conclusion

Operational systems for mining cryptocurrency:

  1. Windows.
  2. iOS.
  3. Android

Software for mining cryptocurrency on OS Windows

Install the software by downloading the software from the developer's site. Ensure high performance graphics card. Look at the amount of video memory, its size should be from 2GB. We are introducing software for production cryptocurrency on a home computer:

  • CGMiner;
  • Ufasoft Miner;
  • 50 Miner;
  • BFGMiner;
  • DiabloMiner;
  • GUIMiner;
  • Bitcoin Core;
  • Nheqminer;
  • Awesome Miner;
  • Miner Gate;
  • Easy Miners;
  • Claimors;
  • BitMiner.

for mining on iOS Software

Produce cryptocurrency on IPhone. The smartphone is in standby mode and earn money in the background. Consider the program allows to use computing power IPhone:

  • Mobileminer;
  • Multiminer;
  • MinerGate;
  • Awesome Miner.

Software for mining on Android

Produce digital currency on Android. Programs running in the background, earning cryptocurrency without user intervention. for production software:

  • MinerGate;
  • EasyMiners;
  • Awesome Miner.

Cryptocurrency cost-effective, which can be extracted with the help of programs:

  1. Ethereum - cryptocurrency was established in 2015. Digging with the help of software for mining Ethash. Great for video cards AMD 290X / 390X / 470/480 and NVidia 1060/1070/1080. The higher the frequency and volume of the video card, the better it is suitable for production. Iron load is low. Ethash algorithm can be run in parallel with other software for mining relevant in 2017 godu (Pascal, Siacoin, Decred and Lbry). Required amount of video memory from 2GB.
  2. Monero - encrypted currency created in 2014. Software used for mining on the graphics card - CryptoNight. Algorithm wonderful shows itself on all graphics cards from AMD HD. Need a high frequency of video memory, it will have to disperse. Compared to AMD, NVidia less profitable, but is also applicable to cryptocurrency production. Requires AMD 13.12 driver. During testing, a weak heating of graphics cards has been revealed.
  3. Of Z- Cash - cryptocurrency with Equish extraction algorithm. Suitable for AMD graphics cards from R9 240 and NVidia. Almost does not heat the graphics card.
  4. LBRY . It founded in 2016. Suitable even for the weak graphics card NVidia, almost does not heat the graphics card.
  5. Sia Coin . Cryptocurrency established in 2016. Blake2b extraction algorithm is applied. Well-behaved shows on video cards from AMD and NVidia manufacturers. It characterized by weak heating of the graphics card.
  6. The X11 / X13 / X15 and others . Cryptocurrency line created in 2014. Extract data tokens unprofitable - digging is not profitable. Production at the AMD card was favorable, second only NVidia of computing power. Significantly heats card.
  7. Litecoin . The first encrypted currency, developed on the basis of the algorithm Scrypt, who replaced SHA-256. Cryptocurrency was established in 2011. The algorithm was protected from Asik, but they still made in a short time. For mining LiteCoin software in 2017 it has become unprofitable. Video card often overheated.

Programs for cryptocurrency production

With the help of graphics computing power users, office workers and gamers earn digital money - cryptocurrency, which is convertible into classical banknotes. It wants to open a virtual wallet, for example, on the radio system (Ethereum) and download software for mining (extraction) for income.

Do you rent power of your graphics card in exchange cryptocurrency. The main task of the farmer (persons engaged in mining encrypted exchange) is the return of electricity. If you have access to free power supply or you can connect the meter bypass - card will be repaid in 1.2-2.5 times faster.

Also, the personal computer must have a graphics card to increase the production speed. It is not recommended to run the software for mining ZCash on weak built-in processor Intel / AMD video cards.

Try not to use the program on "workers' computers, so as not to experience discomfort in the form of iron brakes and do not overheat the graphics card to the critical temperature values. Be aware of the risks of overheating the iron, it may withdraw from the system, if the extract cryptocurrency to dangerous levels of power, employs over 70% of video capabilities.


The program for Bitcoin mining cryptocurrency was established for mining advanced users. Mining CGMiner requires a high power card. For effective work with the software you need to know a few commands and MS Dos values. Software has a significant drawback - the high complexity of the development and utilization.

Let's look at the positive aspects:

  1. extraction speed after acceleration video over 120%;
  2. Easily customizable pools and user data;
  3. Obtaining the highest possible computing power and increase acceleration after video speed.
  4. overload protection, and exit from the building card.

Download CGMiner - http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/cgminer/ .

Ufasoft Miner

Interesting software console that allows digging Bitcoin. His highly appreciated by experienced miners for easy setup. Used CPU, implemented a system to optimize production rates. It is necessary to have a powerful computer for a quick return of the farm.

Obvious advantages of the program:

  1. The opportunity to engage not only cryptocurrency prey, but also enjoy SolidCoin, BitFORCE and other software features.
  2. The user can set any variables for the effective use of video.
  3. The maximum permissible temperature of the stop of mining - 83 degrees, by default. This variable is changed by the user, and it is desirable to shift this value is lower for iron safe.
  4. These autoidentification vary as the number of streams used extraction cryptocurrency and the number of nuclei.
  5. Enable / disable a support-mode «Long-Poling».
  6. Added the function of selecting a pool of addresses for mining.
  7. The software's interface is intuitive and consists of elements to optimize production cryptocurrency.

Download Miner Ufasoft - http://ufasoft.com/open/bitcoin/ .

50 Miner

It is difficult to insist system that has interested many miners. It is a wrapper for other programs cryptocurrency production. Examination proves the presence of bugs and errors, there are problems with the pools and the high load on the operating system. Beginners can put up to 4 miners for the simultaneous production of coins: Diablo, Poclbm, as well as Phoenix and Cgminer. Download 50 Miner - http://50miner.org/ .

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It provides the ability of mining cryptocurrency on the cards and FPGA devices. To improve performance required to increase the speed and frequency of the cooler to reduce CPU temperature. Scrypt supports RPC and production technology. Setting pools available in 3-7 clicks. Set up and other parameters affecting the rate of the virtual currency production. Download BFGMiner - http://bfgminer.org/ .


Suitable for mining cryptocurrency beginners and professionals in this area. The program's interface is simple, the program setting is carried out fairly quickly. To deal with the software DiabloMiner anyone can. Installation is possible on any operating system and can be connected to both the cloud and produce cryptocurrency using a PC.

Download DiabloMiner - https://github.com/Diablo-D3/DiabloMiner .


Program with many features similar to CGMiner. The main advantage is a graphical shell. A user can enter commands in the corresponding line, or work with the interface without the use of codes. The client supports the solo work and server mode.

GUIMiner has a Russian interface, automatically detects installed software. It is possible to save the settings in a separate file, for convenience. Download HUIminer - https://guiminer.org/ru/ .

Bitcoin Core

Official purse designed Bicoin Foundation. It is used to securely store user cryptocurrency on a virtual machine. There is functionality for currency production in the pools and run on your PC, for earnings on the video card user.

Miner can edit priorities transactions, confirm and manage data about kriptovalyutnom purse. Features such as storage of records require more than 100GB of memory on your computer. Download software for mining from the official site of the developer. Core Download the Bitcoin - https://bitcoin.org/ru/download .


Software for the console production cryptocurrency with highly directional functional. It allows you to dig currency ZCash. Like CGMiner system, the user enters commands via the command line Nheqminer.

Unlike analogue for extraction chock there NHerqminer installation packages do not include file with commands for working with this console. For detailed instructions, you must enter the command -h. The downside of the program is the automatic start of mining immediately after starting the digger. Download Nheqminer - https://github.com/nicehash/nheqminer/releases .

awesome Miner

data center monitoring program collects Bitcoin and esters, as well as a number of other cryptocurrency. Awesome Miner algorithm uses 3 production rates for a full load capacity of the entire computer. The program allows you to manage computing power, monitor the temperature and adjust priorities.

Awesome Miner includes an adaptive system tuning and optimizing cryptocurrency collection. Unprofitable coins are not extracted. There is a mobile version of the software, so you can get currency from your smartphone. Free version has limited functionality with the observation of the statistics 2 farm production. The license for the production cryptocurrency worth $ 30-800. Download Miner Awesome - http://www.awesomeminer.com/download.aspx .

Miner Gate

Excellent software for Bitcoin mining. A popular program for production cryptocurrency with clear and simple interface. Functionality is presented in English. Consider the need for customization. Increase production stability by adjusting the Miner Gate for themselves.

The better you configure cryptocurrency collection system, the higher the computing power will be able to get their hands on. To work with large farms for mining cryptocurrency use console applications to optimize the production process. Download Gate Miner - https://ru.minergate.com/downloads/gui .


Console client, which is a shell programs such as CGMiner and BFGMiner. Is compatible with the products of ASIC and shows itself at 100. It works on PCs and smartphones. Supported operating systems Windows, Android and Linux.

Users often alarming nonstandard golf producing pools of addresses entered passwords and worker`s. To this must be getting used to and start Mein order to earn money. Download EasyMiners - https://easyminers.com/ .


We would like to tell a little about effective decision Claimors. Produce cryptocurrency via video. Dig just 3-5 cryptocurrency and profit on the wallet.

It has an accessible interface, the variability of input options and applicable on different operating systems. Software can not be called an advanced, but the prospects are clearly seen for mining Bitcoins. Download Claimors - https://mega.nz/#!16QAzQ6Q!yXvcu6oxckem8I9ziL4qOQxT7a5TFpg4h58Q8OXM2DI .


ASIC is working with a financial instrument is an advanced graphical interface for high-speed production cryptocurrency. BitMiner used by beginners and professional mining.

BitMiner deal with simple and intuitive interface is supported by all operating systems that will produce currency from the clouds and using a personal computer. Download BitMiner - https://bitminer.io/ .


Application for mining Bitcoins on iOS (Apple). Remove unnecessary strain from your smartphone, unload the memory to speed cryptocurrency production increased. CPU power provides computing capabilities 10-1000 KHS. Production speed depends on specifications of the load on the smartphone. Appendix discharges iPhone for 4-6 hours. Download on the iPhone - https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id621952676?l=en .


The program for the production cryptocurrency for Apple. It produces cryptocurrency in the background. The resulting profit users list for the crypto-wallets. Average speed 500-700KHS production. IPhone discharges for 3-8 hours, without overburdening the processor. Download on the iPhone - http://www.multiminerapp.com/ .


We have reviewed the software for mining Bitcoins, Ethereum and ZCash. These cryptocurrency mined using computational power of the computer. It is necessary to keep abreast of innovations cloud of mining software. We recommend to fill knowledge and experience, to look after yourself a high power graphics card at a rate of 6-12 month payback and cost-effective to dig cryptocurrency.

home computer is suitable for production. Users often create a home farm, buying a video card with a semi-annual return on investment. To create a home farm rent apartments and set on the shelf 1-2 dozen cards. This production pays off iron and electricity. Video card heated, so you have to monitor iron status.

Still on the subject:

  • ZCash (ZEC)
  • Ethereum (Ethereum) ETH
  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • As Bitcoin node checks the transaction?
  • Popular Exchange cryptocurrency


Service MinerGate.com - the universal portal for earnings cryptocurrency. It offers complete solutions for the production of digital money using the capabilities of the users' computers. It is aimed at users from around the world and, in the English interface has options on the Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech and other languages. Unlike many other resources, Minergate pool allows you to earn coins in many different ways. That is why it is so popular among enthusiasts of the digital world.

service Features

Poole Minergate provides ample opportunities for earnings using all available computing power.

  • Mining in the browser. There is no need to download and install programs-miners. You can go to the tab of the cloud of mining, press the Start button to start the extraction of "Crypt" The profitability of this method below, but it does not require large investments in video and qualified hardware configuration.
  • One program for all cryptocurrency. To be effective, mining, mining on Minergate conducted using a single application that allows you to switch to the best currency. You decide what is best Main and can get started without having to install additional scripts and miners.
  • "Smart Mining" mode. You can trust the choice of target currency program. In this case, it will be on their own "to solve" what currency better Maini, based on the parameters of your computer, the complexity of production of popular currencies and their current exchange rate. Launch the application and select Smart Miner mode - the rest "maynergeyt" DIY.

You can get cryptocurrency when convenient, and as convenient, using a pool of opportunities. Mining can be run during the lunch break of the meeting, the break or go grocery shopping. If you come home friends, you can switch your computer on mining, so he is not idle doing nothing. This applies to both stationary PC or laptop.


Home MinerGate.com site.

Minergate pool can be used while working on the computer. If you have a powerful 8-core processor, take his 6 cores mining, and the remaining two will be enough for office work or internet surfing.

Working with a pool will not distract you from your work - run customized miner takes 5-10 seconds.

How to use the pool MinerGate

Universal mayningovy resource "Maynergeyt" - the first site to offer its services to customers of the combined production of digital currency using the GPU, CPU or the cloud of mining. Under certain mining conditions on Minergate enables the simultaneous production of several additional altkoinov without falling heshreyta with primary coin.

Let us consider in detail the nuances of working with this versatile pool.

How am Main through MinerGate

Registration on MinerGate in minutes. To create an account, just go to the link https://minergate.com/, enter the email address and password to access the site. After passing the test you to the private office where it is possible to select the language to download a version of mayningovogo software suitable for the installed version of Windows.

To do this:

  • open the link "Downloads", where the system will automatically identify and offer the optimum version of miners;
  • Download program;
  • installed on the device.

Automatic selection of the appropriate version of miners.

During the download and installation, you may experience problems with anti-virus software. So we have to temporarily disable antivirus or add a program to the exceptions list. The latter method is more convenient, as it allows you to further download the updates without disabling antivirus.

After installation, you must get authorization application. To do this, run the miner and enter your registration account information. It remains only to choose a destination cryptocurrency, the number of processor cores and press the start button production.

Important: if you are going to Maina 4- or 8-core processor, unused leave at least two cores. This will allow you to use the computer while it will produce the coins. If the load all available cores, the PC will not be available to you during kriptodobychi.

Learn better Mein by opening the Benchmark tab in the menu miners. This feature helps you determine the capabilities of your equipment to work with the service on different algorithms. Or you can run on the processor Monero Mining - today it is the most profitable currency for the CPU.

Miner supports multiple currencies, the list of which is easy to get confused. To facilitate the work with the application, go to the View tab in the application settings and uncheck obscure and cheapest coins that you do not use. Choose the best and press the Start Mining to start your "farm".

The site provides a console version of the program to earn altkoinov - minergate console miner. Its setting is reduced to launch an application with certain command line parameters, including account information, currency and amount of CPU cores.

For example, the parameters «-user [email protected] -xmr 2" will start production Monero (XMR) on two cores on behalf of the user registered mail mail.gmail.com.

How to increase the speed of mining in MinerGate

Those who have just started to invest their time and resources in cryptocurrency, primarily interested in the production of top currencies. The question of "how am Main Bitcoin" - one of the most common among beginners. Poole offers the possibility of production of this coin, however, the processor or graphics card does not provide performance computing, sufficient for a serious income at current computational complexity. Therefore it is better to read the review and select MinerGate though not so well-known, but more lucrative altkoin. This will increase the profitability of the event.

Increase heshreyt when working with a particular algorithm can be uniquely - upgrade the equipment or connected to video card production growth rate. The answer to the question of how much you can earn in the pool depends on the number of laptops or powerful farm will work under your account. You only need to run the miner on each device and provide it to your account information.

Significantly increase heshreyt can be used for the processing of mining all the processor cores. The parameters of the graphics card, reducing the timings and increase the frequency of core and memory to be changed.

If you can not buy mayningovoe "iron" should pay for rental of equipment for the "cloud of mining." In this case, the profitability will be slightly lower, but you will get rid of the risks inherent in investments in video and ASIC.

cloud Mining

In addition to miners working together in a pool, "maynergeyt" Bitcoin allows you to invest in their own production facilities engaged in mining. User heshreyt rents according to the chosen tariff plan and get namaynennye money.

Go to the "Cloud Mining" section and click the Start button for the selected currency. Service prompts you to select and pay for the necessary heshreyt, and then begin production altkoinov that does not require the participation of your equipment.

The disadvantage of this method is that the site offers a lower yield than other competing services. Therefore, if there are available funds for the cloud of mining is better to find a more profitable service.

How to work with the calculator yields

Before working with cryptocurrency, but better - before the purchase of equipment for mining, should calculate potential profits from this activity. Calculator, presented at the site allows you to check the profitability of mining Bitcoins, laytkoinov and many other digital currencies.

Simply use the service:

  • Select one of altkoin;
  • enter heshreyt that provides the processor or graphics card;
  • check earnings from kriptodobychi when working with the appropriate algorithm.

How to withdraw earned altkoiny

In your personal account you can see two basic indicators: unconfirmed and confirmed cryptocurrency balance. To confirm Bitcoins, you have to earn an amount exceeding the limit value. After concentrating on the account of a sufficient number of coins, there is an automatic confirmation, after which the currency can be displayed on your wallet or exchanged for money fiatnye.

That is, any coin that is produced "maynergeyt" becomes confirmed after accumulation of minimum amount.

To withdraw money earned should perform these actions:

  • go to the "Panel» (DashBoard) and click "Display";
  • Enter an address to get altkoinov;
  • specify the number of coins to be translated into the field "Amount» (Amount), otherwise all means available will be sent.

For example, to send to your account baytkoinov to your account Poloniex, you need to:

  • click Deposit bytecoin link next in the list of available rates;
  • click on the button Show me Deposit Address;
  • display information about the transaction identifier, which will appear in the Payment ID window;
  • open on MinerGate form for withdrawal of coins;
  • enter the amount of the withdrawal, the network committee, the address of the purse on the stock exchange and the identification code of the operation;
  • wait 30 minutes to confirm the operation in blokcheyne.

After this exchange is Bytecoin or other unpopular on the Bitcoin currency, using exchange opportunities. This is done in several steps:

  • open the Exchange profile;
  • find bytecoin Markets in the block by using the search window;
  • click on the found currency;
  • in the window that opens, select Sell BCN;
  • enter the amount for sale;

Important: The system calculates the number of Bitcoins received in accordance with the current exchange rate.

  • If the current course you are satisfied, click the Sell button to purchased Bitcoins have been credited to your balance.

To display the Bitcoin wallet on the outside is necessary to:

  • go to section Balances;
  • Bitcoin found in the list of currencies;
  • O fill the form to indicate the sum of (Amount) and address (Address);
  • after confirming the payment will be in your wallet.
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MinerGate Commission

system commission amount depends on the method of calculation of remuneration for mining. When PPS (fee for each ball charge is the most currencies is 1.5%, while PPLNS (payment of the last N balloon) - 1%.

Both methods of distribution award for closing the block popular among miners

For Bitcoin is no charge, but for Zcash, Ethereum Ethereum Classic and will have to pay 1% only for PPLNS system.

platform advantages

Interface with support for multiple languages, including Russian.

Ability to choose Mein program or trust the automatic algorithm.

Great choice altkoinov for production.

Two types of remuneration for mining.

Private cloud service of mining.

Easy connection to the pool, and program settings.


The only significant disadvantage "Maynergeyt" - low profitability of mining cloud. For this purpose it is better to choose a platform that provides the best conditions for renting computing power. The networks are many alternatives "maynergeyta" with a much more favorable terms. Pool should be used for the real of mining using your own computer with a powerful processor and graphics card.

Link to the pool itself here.


How is CGMiner setting for optimal cryptocurrency of mining on the selected pool? To date, the latest version - 4.0, but most users prefer to use version 3.7.2 - it is more stable at the same time Meiningen on multiple graphics cards. Version 3.1.1 is now considered obsolete (and there are limitations on algorithms - only Scrypt). So where to download it, how to set up, which primary adjustment is recommended to ask?


  1. Video: Setup (attenshn: English lang.).
  2. Technical requirements
  3.  setup Features
  4. Adding a pool
  5. Working with CGMiner.conf
  6.  Possible problems

Video: Setup (attenshn: English lang.).

Technical requirements

Best of all, as experience has shown, CGMiner running Windows 7 64 bit. On Windows 10 or 8 below throughput, on average, 3-5% (depending on the used encryption). The program allows Maini cryptocurrency simultaneously worker`s 8 (i.e., 8 cards in one base station). Miners, the official site is not as such, but rather a forum where you can discuss any questions for the program, its functionality and configuration, located at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=28402.0.

It should be noted that the application is not running a 32-bit operating system (because of the low productivity of the system and limits the RAM 2 GB). A more experienced miners argue that the so-called Ccminer best for Radeon graphics cards than Nvidia. Their exemplary performance Scrypt algorithm is as follows:

video card Performance (Kh / s)
Radeon 5970 705
Radeon 6990 775
Radeon 7990 1245
R9 290 623
R9 290X 686
GeForce 750Ti 245
GeForce 650Ti 152

Since CGMiner longer optimized for Scrypt, then use it to the best Mein Litecoin. Only with version 3.7.2. Support has been added to the more popular algorithm SHA-256.

It is important to bear in mind that Sgminer multichip video shared 2 worker`s (in the case of 2nd processors). Accordingly, when using such devices limit the maximum - up to the station 4 adapters.

Asic under such an application does not work.

 setup Features

The following settings are sufficient to specify settings for miners:

  1. login and password;
  2. pool;
  3. the graphics card (enough to specify an upper limit of the load).

What is the pool and why is it necessary to use it? Every day, the complexity of calculation of each unit increases, so for successful capacity of mining once all members of the pool are summarized. Naturally, in this case, and the profit is divided between them according to the performance provided by the workstation. Alone today to capitalize on mining is almost impossible.

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Adding a pool

How to set up the program? After downloading it (you can make a link to the official forum) should unzip the package, and then in the folder you want to create a bat file. Everything is simple - you need to create a new text document and manually rename it to «run.bat». Next, you need to open this file in any text editor and add the following settings: cgminer.exe -scrypt -u WORKER.1 -p PAROL -o stratum + tcp: // ADRESS: PORT. Naturally, instead of «worker» must specify the name of the workstation (depending on what was reported in the pool), as well as a password for access. ADRESS and PORT - are, respectively, the address pool of TCP and the port that will be mining. All these data can be found directly on the pool site, which will then transfer funds to the account miner. Number laytkoin purse is set directly in the office pool (on the site).

One can only save the created a bat-file, and then - to run CGMiner.exe process. All you can enjoy access to a pool and Mayne cryptocurrency. It is only necessary not to forget the card temperature monitoring and provide it with the normal flow of air for cooling.

Working with CGMiner.conf

Initial settings can also be set via the configuration file cgminer.conf. But for beginners this is less preferred. There you can set more parameters, including throttling line for the video (to prevent critical overheating). And it is worth considering that after the creation of the file cgminer.conf all bat-file, the application will be ignored. And soon after cgminer.conf you to switch to more profitable coin (so as not to create some bat-files, switch between settings directly from the terminal).

In cgminer.cong you can specify further the following basic parameters:

  • gpu-threads (i.e., the number of graphics processors);
  • intensity (the priority to use the graphics processor capacity);
  • temp-cutoff (video temperature at which mining is automatically disconnected, i.e., the task of computation blocks is interrupted);
  • worksize (specify parameters allows blocks to be calculated);
  • scrypt (enabling / disabling Scrypt algorithm used).

 Possible problems

If CGMiner does not start, it is possible that the program is launched on a 32-bit version of the operating system. To solve this problem you need to reinstall the operating system to Windows 7, 8, 10 or 64-bit architecture.

Windows XP is not supported, Vista - also, but the miner old version 3.1.1 running under it, albeit with restrictions.

When using the pool Hash-To-Coins with the settings as indicated above, the miner will not work. In this case, all settings are set directly into the pool office, and settings for run.bat - standard. Settings can be made in the tab My Accounts - Worker. Directly cgminer settings are available on the tab Get Started. Port - Universal 4444. Incidentally, the Hash-To-Coins can also see detailed statistics in the Dashboard section (even if not only mined Litecoin).

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If cgminer.exe starts with an error, indicating a problem with X11, one that means that the graphic adapter is too old and does not support the latest versions of Direct. First of all it is necessary to establish a more modern driver. If this does not help, you have to change the hardware.

Total, cgminer - convenient miner for mining on algorithms Scrypt and SHA-256. It is possible to fine-tune the program, but there are restrictions on the coins themselves. Best suited just for laytkoin.